A Beginners Guide to Playing 7-Card Stud Poker

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Poker is one of the most popular card games in the world. It has a following anywhere in the world and your first introduction to the game probably happened in a casino. Up until recently, you could only experience the thrill of playing online poker since the success of Chris Moneymaker facilitated its rise to the status of a mainstream pastime. However, as poker continues to gain more popularity, more people are beginning to understand the game and how to make money from it. In this article, you’ll be introduced to how to play 7-card stud poker, a game that can be played between 2 and 10 players.

7-Card Stud begins like a regular stud poker game. However, before any cards are dealt, the players are required to ante. This means they are beforehand agreed on what hand they’ll each take part in the game. Any of the player’s cards can be eliminated on the poker table as the dealer lays the new card face up. Once the hand is over, the player with the best hand wins the ante.

The game begins with the player to the left of the dealer placing a small bet, called a small blind. The player sitting to the left of this player then places a big blind bet to the pot. 5 cards are then dealt to each player. The player to the left of the big blind starts the first round of betting, Limit style. If you’re playing no limit then this begins with the player sitting to the left of the player who placed the big blind bet.

This round is referred to as the pre-flop round. The player to the left of the big blind can choose to call, raise, or fold. This is simply repeating the bet the previous round. Once this is completed, the first 3 community cards are dealt. This is called the flop. The flop is 3 cards placed face up in the middle of the table.

After this round of betting is completed, the next card is placed face up by the middle of the table and the next round of betting begins. This round starts with the player to the left of the dealer. As usual, the first player to act in this round of betting is the player sitting to the left of the big blind.

As this stage of the game progresses, a player will eventually get ” survives to the showdown ” and this is the stage that the cards are turned face up. At this stage, the majority of the hands will be completed and the one who has the best hand will win. The hand with the best hand will be made on the basis of the cards available in your hand, and the community cards.

Have you ever thought about the strategy of using a small pocket pair in Texas Hold’em? Try using a small pocket pair to help you obtain a better hand to use against your opponents. This guide will give you more of a payoff when you play a pocket pair in poker.

Are you ready to play bola88? Now you are feeling confident with the game, so take action to create your own strategy. Study the professionals and how they play as it will help you to have a strategy of your own. Get to know a little more about the game of poker and you will soon be winning bigger pots.

Loose Tournament Strategy – 3 Tips How to Steamroll the Competition

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Sometimes winning with style is not enough. Sometimes taking the chance to play differently when you get a hand heads up is not enough. Sometimes pushing all you chips in when you have nothing 5 minutes from now is not enough.

You can however still steamroll a lot of the competition when you have a solid hand and a big stack. You can however still lose as there are always gamers willing to take your chips when you have a good hand but willing to take them away when you don’t.

However if you have a good hand and have patience, you can be successful in a lot of different situations. I’m going to share a few tips now with you on how to be successful in this area.

Loose Tournament Strategy – Pre-flop

Before the flop you want to be either the one leading or the one following. You don’t want to be kind of a pushover or a calling station. You want to be aggressive and be in control.

Your preference should be whether you limp or push. If you limp then you want to be in control and not much of a pushover. If you push then you want to be in control and not much of a pushover.

Loose Tournament Strategy – Flop

You want to either be the one pushing all-in or the one re-raising. Either way, you want to have good cards. If you have nothing you should fold.

Once the flop comes you should be mixing up your style. Either you should be aggressive or you should be the pushover. Either way, you want to have good cards.

loose tournament strategy – turns and rivers

It’s very important to learn how to play these two streets. You want be either aggressive or the pushover. If you are the pushover, you want to be in control.

Your style should be the opposite of your opponent. You want to be the one pushing. If your opponent is aggressive, you want to play more passively. If your opponent is passive, you want to play more aggressively.

So at this point you should either have a good hand or nothing. If you are the pushover, you want to keep the pot size small. If you have a good hand you want to make a bet on the flop.

loose tournament strategy – showdown

When you are playing a Dewabet you want to learn how to win. You will need to learn how to all-in, how to trap, how to raise, how to go all-in fast, and how to play showdown.

You will also need to learn how to do different plays depending on what type of player you are playing against. If you are playing a tight player you will want to steal the blinds and antes. If you are playing a loose player you will want to bet, raise, and go all-in.

This is the crux of the information in this article. I’ve revealed a lot of the variables to how you should play. Now, I’m going to reveal more so that you can master this concept.

The first variable that you need to know is pot odds. Betting into a pot based on pot odds is an effective strategy because most of the players will fold. You will win as long as or else your opponent folds. But if your opponent calls and wins the pot, then you lose.

The second thing you want to consider is implied odds. By calling a bet in texas holdem poker games based on implied odds, you can win even if you lose the hand. To get started with implied odds, you need to understand your outs and implied odds.

The first thing to consider is your outs. Your outs are the cards left in the deck that can help you. Cards that won’t help you are called deadwood cards. Cards that are the reason you are playing in the first place are called relevant cards.

Knowing your outs is important because it can save you a lot of money when you draw out on somebody. Suppose you hold AK and on the flop it comes KcQc. It’s a very dangerous hand. There are only two cards in the deck that can beat it, the ace and a king. You are the most likely to win this hand. However, if you bet this hand aggressively it is very unlikely that somebody would call you.

Now that you know your outs you can save a lot of money by not being reckless and calling all the way down with your hand. You can call all the way down with a good hand such as a high pair such as full house or two pair. You can even call down with a hand like ace and nine.

The other thing you can do is use your implied odds to your advantage. Suppose you hold JT and the flop comes Ad2h7h.

Roulette Betting Strategies – Can You Make Money?

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Roulette is a game of probability and odds for a game that has been played for more than two hundred years. Without any statistics or proven roulette betting strategies players tend to lose more than they win especially when the casino is involved in the deal. But a smart roulette player can actually win at roulette, but it requires the player to understand the nature of the game and the ways to beat the house without martingale systems and relying on probability.

In the era of online casinos and free roulette, the roulette wheel has been re- designed to have 38 pockets with 0 and 00 spots alternating colors to create new recognizable patterns, enhancing the casino atmosphere and making the roulette house edge quicker at a player’s favor. Most players tend to follow the trend and place fashionable bets on easily predictable numbers, but by analyzing the trend of the game, a talented player can spot the more elusive pocket with the better odds of the bet.

Majestic Red and Black Roulette Strategies

One proven strategy and the best one I have found so far is the martingale system. Players tend to use the martingale strategy to win back lost money after a string of losses, which is ineffective and will only cause the player to loose money. An effective strategy to win at roulette is to avoid the fate of falling into the MPO777 pocket.

Randomly place a bet on a small number, example 1-12, 13-24, or 25-36, and if the ball lands on the pocket you selected then you will have won back your original bet, plus the bonus ball, which is the only way to get double the amount of your bet back. This type of strategy is the basis for the majority of roulette systems and is the method of play in the majority of casinos online.

Keep in mind, you must follow these rules AT ALL TIME while playing roulette online. Failure to do so can lead to a streak of losses that can be extremely difficult to recover from and can cause a person to gamble more than they can afford to lose.

The majority of bets placed on roulette wheels are outside bets. You will see a lot of bets such as Red, Black, Odd, Even, 1st 12, 2nd 12, 3rd 12, 1-18, 19-36, columns, dozens, red, black, odd, even, 1-12, 2-12, 3-12, and 12. Most people try to bet on individual numbers when playing roulette, but you will slowly see the trend of losing more than winning. Spaced bet are the opposite of corner bet, you normally never bet on just one number. These bets have the worst odds and a terrible house edge. Finally, look for a free roulette wheel online and you can play roulette online with a free virtual wheel that will spin the ball and let you hit the profitable ones at almost any online casino.

Mahjong roulette strategies work well and will help you win a lot of money when you play your favorite Chinese game! If you wish to play online, you can find a free version of roulette online that will run on your browser without any software requirement.

Odds of Winning Lotto

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Anybody who is even slightly interested in winning the lotto can always improve their chances of winning. There is no sophisticated or mathematically correct method of picking the winning numbers, but there are systems which can be used to improve your likelihood of winning.

Needless to say, many people prefer to play the more ” Exciting” version of the lotto like the Pick 3 or the Pick 4 games. The chance is actually lower for these types of games, but they offer a slightly better chance of winning than the huge numbers games which have a much higher rate of failure.

Pick 3 lotto is the simplest to play version of the lotto. In this game, you pick three numbers, one number each from three columns of numbers 0-9. This is actually easier than the Pick 4 because the ratio of the numbers you pick is actually better and more manageable. For instance, in Pick 3, you select 1-2-3-4-5-6. Like Pick 4, the ten numbers fall in three different scenarios – easy, medium or hard. This is actually the best kind of system for those who want something easier to follow.

There are also systems which claim to be able to find the winning numbers through analysing. The sceptics are highly skeptical of these systems, but systems like the ones mentioned above, when studied, prove to be remarkably accurate. Microgaming, the owners of the UK National Lottery,idge roll every draw. The people behind the games claim that they have individualised the numbers in such a way that they are sure to be drawn eventually.

So, are you ready to increase your chances of winning? Many people believe that winning in the lottery is purely a game of luck. Some even think that the dewatogel is just a machine which randomly shoots out the numbers. Well, the truth is normally neither of the above, but rather a combination of both luck and systematic information-exactly like how the casino roulette works.

In the past, there have also been winners of the lottery who have won via some systematic method of picking numbers. One of the most famous of these is the Oklahoma lies. Mike Lancey, who had won $1 million playing the lottery, shared his secrets with a book, which eventually became a bestseller. In the book, he had written about a method of picking numbers which had become almost as common as picking numbers in the usual way.

Winning the lottery may still seem like an impossible dream, but it is actually just a game of higher odds of winning, than the usual. Due to the lower odds, the payout is also lower. However, if you look at the probability of winning the jackpot in the lottery, compared to the jackpot in games of chance like roulette, roulette systems like the d’Alembert system or even the most accepted system of throwing the dice, you will find that the odds of winning the lottery jackpot is just 1 in 1.27 million.

Should you wish to try your luck at winning the lottery, you can check out lottery systems on sale online, which offer a good mix of easy to understand instructions and high probabilities of winning. However, should you wish to up your odds of winning, an excellent way would be to purchase an excellent lottery software system which does not require you to study the code for hours upon hours. However, if you wish to make it even easier, and put the odds a lot more in your favour, you might want to consider purchasing a lottery book to guide you along.

Roulette Software - Can You Win Using It

Roulette Software – Can You Win Using It

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Roulette is a mathematically perfect game. It is important that anyone playing the game remembers that. Roulette systems and scams have existed in the past, but the internet has made it possible to play without feeling intimidated to walk into a casino and play. Online casinos are also home to a number of roulette software competitors, and unfortunately, some of them are beaten.

Roulette is a game that is heavily based on luck, there is no system that can guarantee you will win at roulette. Some lucky players get lucky and win, but the vast majority of players will lose, especially if they use a system to play. Roulette systems and scams have been around for years, the question is, are any still effective?

Over the past few years, we have seen a increase in the number of roulette systems advertised on the internet. Most of these are versions of Martingale systems. The basic idea is that if you bet on an even money bet, for example red or black, you should win. Your money is deducted every time you lose. The idea is that you can recoup your losses with your winnings.

The problem with this system is that you may lose five or six times in a row, before you finally win. If you let your losses ride, you may never recover. Martingale system is risky in the long run as it does not guarantee a win after a loss.

In order to guarantee you will win using Panen138 system, you would have to bet with an infinite amount of money. No casino is going to allow you to do this! No one is going to be able to tell you where to bet at every second, so there is no way to guarantee you will win.

The solution to this problem is to use a betting strategy that is not based on Martingale system. One of the most popular is the Fibonacci system. Instead of betting on a single number, the player bets on a series of numbers. The series can be as simple as betting on red or black five times in a row, or it can be as complicated as betting on red or black on every red or black spin.

The larger the bet you place when playing Fibonacci system, the more the player hopes to win. He or she needs to win and then some to guarantee a win, so it will not matter if you lose again. Fibonacci system is loosely based on the Fibonacci sequence, which has been derived from the ancient Italian board game of lotto. The sequence begins with the number zero and follows by after the number ofzes, with each of the following numbers being generated by successive addition of a single-digit number.

If you want to win using Fibonacci system, there are certain rules to follow. First, the player needs to play at least one unit on the table. If you are playing at $1 table, use one unit on every spin. Next, place your bet in the pocket, leave it there and do not touch it until the spin is over. The reason why you leave the bet in the pocket is to let the ball to land on the pocket initially. Respect the dealer and the policy of the casino by not taking your chips from the pocket.

While in play, if the dealer gives you chips, refrain from taking them out the pocket to bet. Instead, look at the bet notice the dealer has given you. Then place your bet where you can reach it, but before you touch it, verify the bet amount against the amount of chips you have in play. Only when you have done this, take the chips out of the pocket. Do not touch the bet on the table because it can cause misunderstanding.

The above method is the only way to win at roulette without Martingale system, unless you have unlimited resources and no time to spare. Otherwise, the aforementioned strategy will not work for you.

How to Use Horse Racing Handicapping Systems to Your Advantage!

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What are horse racing handicapping systems and should you use them? Will using this system really give you an edge over the bookmaker? Read this article to find out now.

rivalled by almost everyone’s favourite sport the racing world, horse racing has had a quite interesting history.

It has given birth to a number of “systems” that have sought to beat the odds, raising the possibility of earning a lot of money for quite a small investment. Many of you may be familiar with the trading phrase “spread betting”, where you bet on either the movement of a stock, currency or shares.

It implies that rather than taking the time to analyse individual horses’ chances of winning a race, you bet on that horse winning the race. You do not even need to know if the horse will be starting comfortably – in effect carrying a stone of heavy weight (akings the perfect physical for runners) just necessary for you to run a race.

A more modern system involves placing a bet on the outcome of a number of races. This is more widely known as “betting exchange” betting, whereby you bet on the outcome of races, either for a small fee or in the hope of making more money, often up to £300,000. Some of the largest betting exchange payouts have been won by individuals betting on the outcomes of dozens of races.

However, do betfair or other betting exchange bets put the odds beyond the control of the bookmaker? Truth be told, its not just luck that the bookies have, they have what is called “energy”. They can control the odds by the very fact that they are highly sophisticated and review the relevant information just before the start of each race. They calculate the odds to try to induce a punter to bet on a horse more likely to lose than win. This is called “overround” and the concept is actually very simple. However, theFiets offerthe odds Whenever a horse runs that is less-than-full, or more likely to lose than win, the bookmakers profit a tiny profit percentage from all the losing bets.

Lets take an example to make this clear. Imagine you are given the following odds for the outcome of a particular race:

11-8 in 8 races or 2-1 in 11 races

If you bet on the 11-8 you will receive £10 for every £1 you stake, less a small commission that goes to the bookmaker. You will also receive full payouts should your horse win, again dependent on the number of winners and how much they pay out.

Now imagine that one of the horses is preferred to be the 11-8 (still with me?) and you put your £10 bet on this horse. Should it win you receive £110, less the £10 you stake, plus a profit of £10. However, you have only risked £1,000 to win £1,000, or in this case a profit of £10.

However, if the 11-8 horse wins you receive nothing. This is the nature of betting. You cannot predict what will happen and the odds are always changing.

Lets take an example of two horses poised to win this very soon, one from the 14-1 folks and the other from the 9-1 folks.

The ladies are shoulder pads and lead out respectively, whilst the leading jockey smiles and waves his hands tandem while the announcer trumpets the starting conditions. Here follows that lovely early afternoon color in the racing papers.

Now the female veteran has to pin her hopes on the first favourite with odds of 11-8, the 9-1 lady holds her nerve and the race goes on for another thirty odd minutes before the bluroday signal, and she wins! Heartbreaking, I know!

Today’s ebook, Advanced Odds Calling, pc and William Hill, among others, have put out systems for spotting the races that you can rely on to produce bets that win. Look for them on Competition converted to Betfair and you might be a winner on the exchanges.

Another educational and enjoyable read for the “MPO500” in you, will enhance your enjoyment of all those Belchive bets, Notre Dame bets and more besides!

No Deposit Poker Bonus

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If you are looking for some no deposit poker bankrolls, you have come to the right place. The Internet holds many hundreds of websites that will offer you free money for you to play poker online. That is right, it is free. Meaning you have absolutely no deposit involved and can play for as long as you want using this free money.

For those who are fed up of playing online poker for a while and are sick of losing, a no deposit poker bankroll may be what you are looking for. Many pokerrepublik rooms will offer you some sort of bonus, but after applying the heat, they will usually credit your account with some real money. The difference is that you have absolutely no risk involved and can play poker on any of the recognized websites for play money.

Other online poker rooms may require you to put in an initial deposit, followed by a bonus subsequently. The bonus deposited to your account works in conjunction with the poker bonus you are given, to help you with your bankroll. The bonus given is often linked to the amount of your first deposit. So in order to receive your bonus, you will usually need to deposit more money into your account when you are initializing the account.

All you need to do to look for these offers is to do a little bit of research. Starting to look around may take you to websites that have done the work for you. There are links and reviews everywhere on the Internet, using the most advanced technology to help you with your online poker bankroll.

Once you have found a few websites that you are comfortable with, you are ready to sign up. And here is the biggest question – how to sign up. You will have to have an e-mail address associated with the one you have entered to the website in the past. Maybe you have never played online poker before and do not know where to where to go to register. To ease your mind, there are websites that offer the sign up process on their home pages so you can just pick your usual e-mail address and click to sign up.

Even if you know where to go to register, you will want to be careful when giving out your e-mail address. You need to be secure so that no one can access your account and miss out on the biggest bonus of them all – the no deposit poker bonus.

The last thing you want to do is to sign up for your account using your job title or company name without 600 plus days of notice. You can’t put words in your title if you want it to be used for your poker account as it can be guessed when somebody searches it. But when you are saving time and effort, you can just use your usual e-mail address to get it done.

Does it get any easier than that? If you have a PayPal account, there will be many electronic wallets that can just cover your poker deposits for you with your sign up bonus and the deposit bonus. Other electronic wallets will have the option to offer you a bonus based on your mins of play. How cool is that? You tell the poker room you would like the bonus based on the amount of playing but you can get it in other ways. Just choose Wisely.com to get started. There are other ways to get around the law when it comes to online poker bonus requirements, but they are beyond the scope of this article and site.

Poker Supplies and Poker Supplies

Poker Supplies and Poker Supplies

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Have you ever looked at Poker Supplies and wondering how you can get your hands on some? This is a fun and exciting game that takes a lot of strategy, a lot of planning, and a lot of commitment. Poker is a game of many different skills and talent. There is commitment involved here too, but it is a commitment to understand your own limitations and build yourself as a strong individual. After all, if you can’t deal with the pressure that you will bring to your home games, then don’t join a Home Poker Game.

Poker Supplies are necessary to get you started and to help you get comfortable with the game. You can find these anywhere, but be cautious when choosing what is the best for you. If you are going to buy a Poker Table Felt Dresser, then you can find a lot of them online that are designed to order. This way you can get that perfect prom night and your friends and family will love your customized cards and Poker Supplies.

You can also get Poker Supplies for your other members of the team. Poker Supplies are easy to buy and install. You can order as many as you want and you can get them in either two, three or four colors. Plus, you can get them in different themes like pokerTerra or Zodiac.

You can even get a promotional pokerace99 card print for the team or a promotion ticket for a friend or loved one. With just a little bit of thought, you can print your own ticket, use it to go to a special poker game, have it signed by the players and your guests that you invite, plus get a free promotional poker card print.

For the poker fan who has everything, Poker Supplies are ideal or to bring the feel of Vegas to your home. Whether you are planning a trip to Las Vegas or just want to have some fun during the week or before the weekend, you can get everything you’ll need to gamble at home.

Whether you want to create a casino night right in your home, or just want to have some fun with poker Supplies in the privacy of your home, you can find everything you’ll need at Poker-On.com. They offer accessories that will turn your opponent into your equals and create a better gaming experience for everyone.

At Poker-On, you can find everything that will enhance your poker experience including dealer buttons, Custom Poker Chip Plaques, Card Protectors, Chips & Cards, Poker Books & Magazines, Decals, Blind buttons, Big Blind button, Slow play buttons, Call/Bet buttons, and of course custom poker chips. They have everything you’ll need to Win at Hold’em Poker.

There are Limit, No Limit, and Pot Limit games available on the site. If you like tournaments, you can choose from Hold’em Tournaments, Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo, Seven Card Stud, Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo, and Taw Poker. They offer sit and go and satellite tournaments too. You can find your private set-up Free Kick Poker tournament, where you can play with anyone around the world. There is always something new for you to learn and more than sixty different games available for you to play.

At Poker-On.com, you can find many promotions, dozens of different buy-in tournaments, special promotions and awesome bonuses. They also have games like bad beat poker, casino war, steel river, crazy pineapple, Vegas double action, and much more.

At Poker-On, you can also get the best poker chip sets available on the internet. Not only do they have the best chips, but they also have the best case shipped in from Poker-On.com. We have had ours for six months now and we have had nothing but great luck with them. Everything we have needed, they have delivered.

There is something special about owning your own Poker Supplies and playing the game yourself. Get yourself a set of Poker-On.com poker cards and everything is there to get you and your friends together. If you are in the U.S.IA, you can even get a discount on your Visa when you use this discount code PKFREE100.

Fun Casino Games

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A casino is one of the extreme sports of the era. Casino is an interesting game and people play it for different reasons. Some players play it for the money and some for the adventure. According to the revelation of fun casino, casino is the highest honored title in a casino and it is the place where the most fun takes place.

Fun casino is the title for the casino games that provide the least amount of work for the players. These are very popular games in all casinos throughout the world. There are many well-liked casino games but few are played more in fun mode. The popular games in fun casino include slots, poker, craps, roulette, dice, and many more.

You should never fear when you play at casino. There is always a huge market for gambling. Whoever thinks otherwise is wrong. But it is always enlightening to take a travel of even just a few miles to ensure that you never get carried away in the casino. When you take a trip of a casino, you are in effect stealing from the pockets of your golden pocket, the money that you will spend in purchasing things. Remember this.

There is always a tremendous competition for the customers as the casino games provide major profit to the casino and of course it will try to keep the customers in all conditions possible. The offer of the travel by the casino does not hold true if the casino is unable to keep the customers.

Those who never gamble in casinos are the ones, who perhaps should quit the game rather than continue with the habit of spending the unmarked money inside the casinos. The paved ways of path are very slim, and unless you are on your guard, walking by them will lead you to the poorhouse. It is better to save yourself from further poverty by evolved skills and not blind hope.

The truth is that the casino life leads to a lot of carefree lifestyle. The life of a casino user can basically be divided into two parts; the fun and the gaming. The living arrangement during a casino visit includes the free time spent on the slot machines, the roulette, the poker, the blackjack, and of course the gambling. Apart from this, there are other activities of a social nature that also take place in a casino. The good thing about this is that most of these also offer the same exhilarating experience that the slot machines will provide.

If you are a novice at pokerlounge99 and would like to try your hands at it, nothing could be better than free casino bets. Various casinos around the globe offer these to various customers. These bets come in various denominations and served in various ways. Debit/Credit cards can be used to pay for the bets. The betters just need to write to the customer care executive of the casino to book the flight and hotel accommodation.

Players from all over the world prefer the fun setting of the actual casinos as they are the ones with whom the game is played for free. These provide the umbrella where everybody can be around at the same time. Invite your friends at your place and have fun over the casino players. Many a times these fun casino trips have Endlessly fun quotient to catch the delayed or those who have misgivings about the actual travel aspect or the starts. If ever you doubt about the authenticity of the fun casino club mentioned above, you can e-mail to the website of the company. E-mail to the owner or the Manager. Never forget to check the complaints section as this is where the fun casino scams reside.

The Big 12

The Big 12

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So it’s technically football season again, which means it’s almost football season everywhere outside of the nation’s capital, it’s the first weekend in May when most people’s attention is turning to the preseason and what NFL training sites are talking about this time of year. Let’s take a look at the Pac-10, the Big 12 and the rest of the 12 North, and then we can get into the games that may mean as much if not more than they do in regards to handicapping the college football games that will hopefully provide some ” juicier” football over the next month.

The Big 12, despite the fact that in-state rival UCLA is a better-than-average 10-2, gets a first shot at me with the selection of Nebraska as a home dog. The Pokes own the longest active home winning streak in the nation with 31 contests. Out of those 31 wins, only six have been by more than three points, and by a wide margin, those six wins have been by a combined 23 points. But for the first time in long time, the Pokes have been able to win at home by an average of 18.4 PPG! I’ll leave the rest of the conference in the dust on that one, as I’m done with the North.

neither Oregon State nor Washington has started a season 0-2, yet both teams enter this weekend with a pair of non-conference games on the docket. Be wary of the Beavers as Steve Spurrier showed last year that he can schemes in the postseason, and if Oregon State struggles, the foul line may rule the March game as it did last year.

The AfaPoker are off a 38-11 win at USC as a two-point underdog, a win that allowed Southern Miss to cover at the buzzer. After that, the only win of the season for the Beavers was their thrilling loss to Oregon in the quarterfinals of the audition. Yikes! After a dismal 2-9 non-conference record last season, Oregon State should be a tired group as the schedule sets up well for the first test of the season against Oregon.

Meanwhile, the Huskies are coming off a confidence-sapping two-point loss at Evergreen State as a four-point road dog. It was the first loss for coach Bob Deutchland in Husky land since 1994, and the 61-45 loss will do little to bolster Nebraska’s point guard for the NCCAA Tournament. It will be interesting to see how Nebraska’s opponents respond on Saturday, as the Huskies also host Arizona, Florida and California. What you will see is that Nebraska is likely going to continue to press the wide-open offense, while Arizona in particular will have to decide whether Reggie Theus is worth another season.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to get too excited about the Huskers or Gees with a pair of road games remaining, versus Arizona State and Montana, and road favorites Oklahoma St. and Wisconsin ready to mop up the floors at home. The late-season schedule should be full of opportunities for the Huskers, but if Nebraska follows the same script as Iowa and Missouri, we can get a jump on picking up conference tournament titles.

Make sure you examine each team and look for match-ups in conference tournaments that might be worth a look in the Madness, especially since some early-season supposed hot teams can start slow. Sixers, for example, are young and flawed, but they do have youth, which you can always count on, and should contend for a National Championship. Colts vet coach John L. Smith should be able to get this team headed in the right direction.

If you’re looking for a bench to sit behind the youth, keep an eye out for Cleveland State’s Probably Soaring or Detroit’s Nick Collison, the son of former Iowa St. head coach Bob Devaney. Both players have shown they can play, and score, at different points in their careers.

Iowa may be the most talented team in the conference, but it’s hard to see the Hawkeyes making the Final Four, let alone winning it all. Iowa will need to win the Big Ten to be considered a national title contender, and to hopefully land a coveted invitation to the Big Dance. With the slate of games, it’s going to be a long, uphill year for the Hawkeyes.

The bad news for the Hawkeyes is that the six teams that sit between them and the national title are all in the Atlantic Coast Conference. Northeastern, fairer than any other pool, is favored to win the Southland Conference, and could give the Hawkeyes a run for their money. Kansas, too, has to qualify for the NCAA Tournament, and will likely have to finish the season on a positive note when it comes to the NCAA Tournament.

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