Are the Online Poker Rooms Cheating You, Too?

Written by Brenda on February 21, 2022 in Gambling with no comments.

I love math. Let’s see, I’m a realtor of probability and analysis of large complicated matrices, still teach some 25% probability, too? And I’ve been working in a rather noisy hedge fund business that isn’t related to the stock market. In other words, I know the importance of compounding profits. The last two years I’ve spent waking up in the morning, scratching my head, wondering “what the hell happened last night at the WSOP? I mean, isn’t theComputer Software Research Group at the intersection of democrat and insider dealing? Their DemoPlay program, shown to thousands of people, producing many world class players, including one who made the WSOP Main Event final table this year, is an example of the pros, using their software to make decisions at the table.

I’m sure the C.S.R. Group isn’t trying to mortgage the house on a new American Dream, given the current economic situation. They are, after all, one of the most prestigious names in the Poker Services industry, and anyone in the poker business, were aware of their existence.

But, my friend, the economy is changing, and there are fewer (very) long-term Career prospects, in traditional poker and in tournament QQdewa. The only career path open to an programmer, is that of becoming a guru and being paid to train others. The Poker Software Research Group does not teach you how to cheat, they simply show you how to improve your skills and make more money.

If it were known, and proven that pokersites were rigorously cheating their players, there would be no poker room at all. It is an absolute certainty that poker sites would be coming under scrutiny and government action for years to follow. The top poker sites like Full Tilt Poker, PokerStars, and Bodog will, and should, be heavily fined and brought down to a USD10 payment level, immediately.

Because people are selling software whose only objective is to slowly, but surely, earn an edge over the other players, these sites cannot afford to take such action. They need to stay in business, because their primary purpose is consumption and they have a very high fixed cost, operating at a loss. This is simply business as usual.

So, let’s say that thefacilitator knew his program had some incredibly high winning potential, given that he could maintain his edge by only playing games that gave him a random card deck selection benefit. He would of course only do this if he could also take the cards of those at his table, effectively removing the edge he developed his deck selection method to begin with.

The fact that some sites allow you to forego a random selection of cards pre-flop is actually a huge red flag straight up. You’re basically playing blind, and since few people are going to have a strong hand, you’re not in real position to exploit.

As well, major poker sites like Party Poker, Poker Stars and Titan Poker, have done nothing to heed the cries of attestants who have lost considerable amounts of money due to the programs they use.

In sum, a card shuffler is not a scam. Scams are generally easy to spot, and the very fact that some sites allow you to forego a random selection of cards pre-flop is strong evidence against the notion that the programs available are risky or flawed. It’s worth noting that since the introduction of shuffling, computer programs have improved on the speed and accuracy of the human shuffle.

Furthermore, reputable poker rooms will always provide you the option of downloading your own random card program (that’s you). The problem with youuable option is that this will pretty much require you to spend money for a software program that is no longer free. You’re better off with the ones available for free, anyway.

I’m not going to lie to you. You won’t be able to just tighten up and win big using a card shuffler. You need to continue to learn how to play poker, but you need to retain your edge against the fish. You’re better off betting big than you are with small wagers.

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