Loose Tournament Strategy – 3 Tips How to Steamroll the Competition

Written by Brenda on October 24, 2021 in Gambling with no comments.

Sometimes winning with style is not enough. Sometimes taking the chance to play differently when you get a hand heads up is not enough. Sometimes pushing all you chips in when you have nothing 5 minutes from now is not enough.

You can however still steamroll a lot of the competition when you have a solid hand and a big stack. You can however still lose as there are always gamers willing to take your chips when you have a good hand but willing to take them away when you don’t.

However if you have a good hand and have patience, you can be successful in a lot of different situations. I’m going to share a few tips now with you on how to be successful in this area.

Loose Tournament Strategy – Pre-flop

Before the flop you want to be either the one leading or the one following. You don’t want to be kind of a pushover or a calling station. You want to be aggressive and be in control.

Your preference should be whether you limp or push. If you limp then you want to be in control and not much of a pushover. If you push then you want to be in control and not much of a pushover.

Loose Tournament Strategy – Flop

You want to either be the one pushing all-in or the one re-raising. Either way, you want to have good cards. If you have nothing you should fold.

Once the flop comes you should be mixing up your style. Either you should be aggressive or you should be the pushover. Either way, you want to have good cards.

loose tournament strategy – turns and rivers

It’s very important to learn how to play these two streets. You want be either aggressive or the pushover. If you are the pushover, you want to be in control.

Your style should be the opposite of your opponent. You want to be the one pushing. If your opponent is aggressive, you want to play more passively. If your opponent is passive, you want to play more aggressively.

So at this point you should either have a good hand or nothing. If you are the pushover, you want to keep the pot size small. If you have a good hand you want to make a bet on the flop.

loose tournament strategy – showdown

When you are playing a Dewabet you want to learn how to win. You will need to learn how to all-in, how to trap, how to raise, how to go all-in fast, and how to play showdown.

You will also need to learn how to do different plays depending on what type of player you are playing against. If you are playing a tight player you will want to steal the blinds and antes. If you are playing a loose player you will want to bet, raise, and go all-in.

This is the crux of the information in this article. I’ve revealed a lot of the variables to how you should play. Now, I’m going to reveal more so that you can master this concept.

The first variable that you need to know is pot odds. Betting into a pot based on pot odds is an effective strategy because most of the players will fold. You will win as long as or else your opponent folds. But if your opponent calls and wins the pot, then you lose.

The second thing you want to consider is implied odds. By calling a bet in texas holdem poker games based on implied odds, you can win even if you lose the hand. To get started with implied odds, you need to understand your outs and implied odds.

The first thing to consider is your outs. Your outs are the cards left in the deck that can help you. Cards that won’t help you are called deadwood cards. Cards that are the reason you are playing in the first place are called relevant cards.

Knowing your outs is important because it can save you a lot of money when you draw out on somebody. Suppose you hold AK and on the flop it comes KcQc. It’s a very dangerous hand. There are only two cards in the deck that can beat it, the ace and a king. You are the most likely to win this hand. However, if you bet this hand aggressively it is very unlikely that somebody would call you.

Now that you know your outs you can save a lot of money by not being reckless and calling all the way down with your hand. You can call all the way down with a good hand such as a high pair such as full house or two pair. You can even call down with a hand like ace and nine.

The other thing you can do is use your implied odds to your advantage. Suppose you hold JT and the flop comes Ad2h7h.

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