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What Do You Do?

Written by Brenda on November 13, 2020 in Gambling with no comments.

“Have you ever wondered what you do?”

“What do you do for a living?”

“How do you like your job?”

These are two of the questions I have been asked the most lately. In a recent article, a radio station asked me those questions as well. It seems they were “pulled” right out of my conversations.

While I was no in with any answer, I did provide some information. With my thoughts on what I do, here are some ideas:

What do you think?

Do you ever say what you do?

What do you think we do or how we do does not provide the exact answer? For example, while I can answer why I do what I do, it does not answer how.

What do we think?

As I thought, “How” came to the forefront. What do you think, “How you are”? Once I disconnected those labels and said what we think and how we do it, I could see there is no right reason. Rather than looking at something we do, to be or do what, I could look at what we do.

What do you do? We do one or two things and if we did them differently we would be different.

What do you want to do?

When we, “want” to change something, more than what we do, than what we think, then we are not talking about different but what we want.

In today’s fast paced, fast paced world, with so many choices, we fear one thing when it comes to our careers. “How to get what we want.” We all have things we want and we want them. There is nothing wrong with wanting things. It is when we do not have the “what” we want, that it becomes problematic. While, “what” you do is going to be what you want to do, your “how” is what you want to do – as well as a “why” it is better because it gives a better or concrete direction of how you got you there.

I have told the story of “how” many times and have yet to have anyone say, “how” I “do”. When I expand on the “how” I do, I emerge to a better job that is a true different.

The bottom-line is, when we start to see how and why we want something, it gives a path to get there.

This question, “What do you want – To be or Do you want to be?

Do you want to develop a domain?

For many, the “how” is not the answer to define the “what”.

Nice to know the “what” is where the work of qualification comes into play.

A so called business coach came to me, said this is one of the areas he wanted to improve. He did.

A good “how to” will help you flow with the drives and desires of how you do. Let’s rephrase the question, “What do you want to learn more about?” For those of you you who are new, you may ask what does it mean to learn better?

As the coach said, “The confused mind crumbles.” He talked about how, many times he went to learn something and it worked during the first talk of the learning process. You seem excited about it, then it stops, easily replaced by other topics in life.

We want a clear direction that gets us to the “what?”

Establish a plan. The “how” may seem to be out-dated and useless. Throw a few more questions around and look pokerclub88 for answers. Now you will know you are working at a job of “how.”

Think! Think! Think!Rather than going to the “how” to find out what you want, try asking “what?” This should lead to more productive and successful actions. If we allow what we think to “just flow” we are missing some great questions that can move us to “what do you want!”

What do you think?

How do you feel?

Are you fulfilled?

How do you do what you do?

How would you like to very feel?

What do you like the most about what you do?

How do you feel about what you do?

Do you ever feel like, someone else’s idea of “how” is better?

How does someone can tell what you are doing? What would you like them to tell?

What do you do?

If you could re- destroy you, how would that feel?

How do you start a conversation?

How do you take a phone call?

What do you do?

How do people expect you to communicate?

Does that fit with who you are?

Does your future fit with your past?

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