How to Quit Your Job With Poker

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Are you Transferrable?

I’ve been playing poker for about 4 years now, I quit my job for poker. Never have I worked a day in my life. Never have I felt as though I earned a decent living off of poker – I earned a few hundred dollars a month but I was still hanging on to my daytime job. After trying for a few months I realized that rake back could not be taken full advantage of by just about anyone. Out of thousands of hands I had played, how much rakeback did I really get per hand? Well, maybe I should have started playing in more tournaments or sit and go’s instead of cash games. But I didn’t, that would have taken away the profits from those tables.

So when is it best to quit your day job? It’s best if you can find a game you are better at. You will be a better poker player therefore you will be able to make more money. situs slot gacor Whether you start playing at 3 different online poker sites or play on two different sites, you need to be able to make more money than you are now. Quickly – Before you go on tilt or get nervous you need to set some limits.

What are the limits you’re going to quit at? It doesn’t matter where you end up, just get rid of the money you aren’t willing to part with. (this includes both losses and winnings) If you are losing you need to quit before you reach your limits. On the other hand if you are winning then that’s how much you can bet. As soon as you quit you need to start researching for a new job. This is seriously the only way to succeed, most people don’t even have the time to do this and if you do you don’t have the bankroll to do so.

What about bonuses? Well you don’t need them, you have enough money to sustain you for a while playing online poker. And while you can get nice bonuses they aren’t really worth it. Besides you can’t withdraw them, so if it’s not profitable enough then you’ll lose the bonus and have to keep playing to get the money back.

So the only thing to worry about is actually losing money. Do not worry about investing money into poker if you aren’t going to see any return on it.

This is how I have protected my bankroll the last few months. I have never made any money playing poker, but I have always had large margins to play with so that I could still play during bad times.

You will need to learn how to play poker, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Just think of it as training – do not completely neglect your life outside of poker. Even though the amount of time you spend playing poker will be more than half of your life, you should still do other things in between hands. If you have a girlfriend that likes poker you should still date other girls in between hands. I have had a lucky hand this week, I have been singlehandedly grinding cash games for about a month and won $52 on a 0.05$ underdog against a full house. But I haven’t found anybody good enough to date you.

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