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Gus Hansen is one of the most famous poker players in the world today. He is originally a Denmark poker player who came to the United States in the early 1990s to get himself a master’s degree in economics.

While at college, he began playing poker seriously and eventually started playing at bigger casinos. It wasn’t long before the casinos approached him and he began playing online poker as well. After Stud poker, he began to develop his own unique approach to the game and by 2003, he had won two million dollars.

After graduating from college with a degree in economics, Gus found that poker was his passion. He initially started playing at the famous Lucky Chances Poker School, where he learned advanced poker strategies and developed his hyper-aggressive style of poker. He learned from an early age the importance of capsizing your opponent, which remains one of his most important lessons to his poker prowess.

After moving to the poker capital of the world, Las Vegas, Gus found that the game had changed. He discovered Raising Limit Omaha for one of the first times. After dominating the poker world for several years, a new poker revolution occurred. He discovered that now, he could rake in tens of thousands of dollars an hour playing online sit and go’s. After immersing himself in this game, he discovered a new love for jayapoker. He also began to take his game to the casino circuit.

Gus Hansen is married and has four children. He is known for his unparalleled no limit bankroll that he has earned in cash games alone. Not only that, Gus also has a very entertaining personality that is teeming with life. You can learn from Gus Hansen on any game, especially Texas Holdem Poker.

In his new book, “How I became a Texas Holdem Poker cyberspace,” Gus reveals that he can read his opponents number, know their stake, and adapt to their style of play. He along with his wife appears to have become experts in the game of poker. Gus Hansen is a brash, no-limit, Texas Holdem Poker player.

Hansen in his book brashly Comes to Hollywood with a lot of Hollywood celebrities. He graduated from USC in the early 90s and played the regular season of locals before moving to Las Vegas in 2003 to study under the master Doyle Brunson.

Gus Hansen’s early career was spent mainly at the small stakes cash games and rarely made it to the big times. In 2006, he and his wife bought a one bedroom apartment in Las Vegas and basked in their luck for about a year. This was the year where Gus Hansen made his first Final Table at the $35k Hold’em Full Tilt Poker Lottery Payout tournament.

After that, Gus Hansen’s game took off like wildfire. He moved up to the higher limits and took a lot of the best student players with him. This was the launch of Gus Hansen’s book, “Super”, and also his foray into the satellite tournaments. During this time, he made some of the biggest bets in poker and managed to win about $1.7 million.

After the money came in, Gus Hansen left his job to pursue a career in professional poker. He is a man who is remarkable for having survived in spite of having an incorrect read about the game.

2009 was a roller coaster ride during the latter part of the year due, in part, to the unforgiving nature of the Texas Holdem game. Hansen’s read about the game went wrong when he tried to compare it to Holdem. He believed that Holdem is a more mental game and is thus more difficult to win. He continued to play in the U.S. but often traveled to Las Vegas to ply his trade.

Another major blunder was folding craps to his full house fold of qual ago. He discovered that he could not control his initial playing money and therefore controlled the course of his career. He had to deal with two masters. He had to learn to be disciplined and control himself for as he was used to being in control.

Hansen left Las Vegas at the end of his career to tend to his family in Copenhagen, Denmark. He will always be remembered as a good man who enjoyed poker so much that he was able to make the game his life. His wife and three children remain in Denmark.

Hansen has completed only one tournament. In that tournament, he lost to Dan Harrington. However, in the 250 final table that followed, Hansen lost to David Sklansky.

Hansen has won a total of seven tournaments, all in the $2,500 no limit Texas holdem, and lost another $15,000 in the process. In his final days, he probably is best known for his ability to make very strange moves while seeming to hold no strategy in his head.

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