How to Master Horse Betting - Three Strategies to Become a Horse Betting Master

How to Master Horse Betting – Three Strategies to Become a Horse Betting Master

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Picking out the right horse betting system or strategy is the hard part. It’s like finding a new vole or Zits. You want to find one that you feel comfortable with and you haven’t got time to do your own homework, you want a system you can understand, follow and make money with. That’s why it’s important to check out different systems and strategies. Look for a few that suit the way you are as well as the way you want to obtain your betting profits.

Your chosen system or strategy is going to take you a long way. Don’t understand why you are choosing one over the other. Simply, choose the system which is most geared towards the way you want to do your trading and your way of making money.

In many forms of trading there is a technique known as attached ‘lay’. This involves hedging (betting on the same market) whilst the same technique is used on the reverse (betting on the opposite market). This practices what is known as naked betting and spread betting. This is the technique on how to make money by betting with a strategy. Quite simply, if the strategy works it doesn’t matter what system you are using, the aim of the game is still to make money.

Naked betting is a betting method which really has no strategy associated with it, you are simply betting on what horse will lose. Yes you can still make money this way, but I’m sure you won’t be doing this all that time. The system you use is one of the main reasons for your profits and profits are bound to improve.

Bookmakers play a game known as parley betting. This involves placed bets on the outcome of an event whilst allowing for an alternative method of betting (known as ‘backing’) in case your bet loses. Bookmakers often offer a better price for the opposed bet therefore resulting in a guaranteed profit regardless of the outcome. This is usually done to an advantage of the backers. Parley betting can be traced back to the time of Charles II who used the technique to secure royal protection for his kingdom.

Other methods currently being used on the high street include betting exchanges. Using an online betting exchange, you can both back a horse to win and lay a horse to lose. The traditional bookmaker’s vast wholesale presence and prices has made it almost impossible to overcome the odds, but with the betting exchange you can back a horse to win and still guarantee your money if it loses. The system is quite simple, you place a stake on one horse to win, and when it wins you pay out the stake you have staked plus the return of your bet. The drawback of the betting exchange is that you are unable to gather any money unless the result is successful.However, this is offset by the betting exchange, offering you the occasion to ‘play’ the horse to lose at a later date giving you a profit if it wins.

The betting strategy known as level stake betting usually only applies to the lay section of a horse, although it is also possible to back a horse to win using this technique. This involves bet splitting, whereby you divide the amount you initially bet by the number of selections on the same ticket, thus giving you the opportunity to bet both the Betting Classic and Betfair codes.

The mainoubtable systemon race day is to look for signs of movement or ‘variance’ in the odds on the horse, which could indicate that the horse is going to lose and win the race by a wide margin. This is a highly specialist method, and was the first ever method taught to a professional by William Hill.

The chances of being right 50 per cent of the time are around the 14th part of the probability, or 2.7%, but for the more astute punter with a good knowledge of horses and racing you can move the odds around to improve your chances of success.

By betting on Dominobet, as an example, you can be sure that the only time you will ever make money is when your chosen horse wins!

League One soccer betting is a totally different matter. With traditional betting it is essential that you know a lot about the horses, the weather, and what the season is, but this is spreads betting and there is no substitute. If for example you back a horse to win then there are quite a few Betfair systems you can use to maximise your winnings when betting on League One.

However, it is important to remember that although it may be possible to bet in a certain way to guarantee a profit, there will always be volatility involved. Never try to bet money on something that you cannot afford to lose, and always ensure that you only bet within your means. Check your bank balance regularly and if you are on a losing run, always leave the bet alone and can walk away.

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